• Joining Amount 649/ ID INR at First Time.
  • Mobile No/Email/Pancard.
  • Product Based Company .
  • Products are delivered with the help of company customer and company website.
  • On one pancard you will get one reward.
  • Company will give some rewards to the product supplier.
  • The products will be delivered to the customer or guest within 10-15 days.
  • Admin charge Deduction will be 10% and TDS charge will be 5%.
  • Four Wheeler Reward will distribute only on company functions and seminar.
  • Only basic model will be provided of rewards(car).
  • If company can not provide or delay in amount transaction then customer should not misbehave with the comapny.
  • The customers can not take any legal action against the company ortherwise it's id will be blocked.
  • The customers from the company found to work in another company than it's id will be blocked.
  • If there is any problem in the company than the company can do some changes in the plan structure.
  • Customer can not take legal actions if the company changes its plan.
  • If the customer does not want the rewards price(car,scooty,bike,etc) then the reward money will be given with 15% deduction.
  • If customer does not want to work with company than the registration fees will be refunded to the customer after deducting 30%(if already taken product and reward than no amount will be refunded).
  • One customer can create 4ID's and the level income will be given separatly on different ID but reward will be given on one id(ONE PANCARD ONE REWARD).


  • I will work according to the terms and conditions of company.
  • I agree that company is fully product based.
  • I agree that the company does not fool anyone.
  • When I am working in a company, any kind of malpractice such as bullying can not be abused by politicians when using politics, otherwise my id should get block.
  • If I do not do any such defamation or mis-behavior corner of the company, then I am authorized to block my ID.
  • I am buying product with my own favour.
  • I am not forced by anyone.
  • I have taken a product as it seems proper to me.
  • Nobody forced me to buy the product by paying interest.
  • Everyone should work & earn money it is our purpose.
  • The people who does not agree to Terms and Conditions are not allowed to work in company.
  • After completion of 15 level 2600/- amount will be deducted from customer amount and the product will be given, and it's ID will be restart from Level 1.
  • For any enquiry contact us on 9422549926...

LABHSHUBH is the first and foremost Product based online company with 100% team business activities.It is a very much novel and different in its own way. The founders of the company with new vast business experience skills, expertise, intelligence, dynamisms, temperament and techniques determined to present you a system, which gives an instant success.